Samsung Galaxy Tab(R) 4 NOOK(R): Software Updates

    Installing NOOK® Software Updates Automatically through Google Play

    If the primary profile user registers their Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 NOOK® device to a GmailTM / GoogleTM account, your NOOK will automatically check for new NOOK software updates and install them through the Google PlayTM Store.

    You have the opportunity to set up a Google account during the initial set-up procedure of your device. If you skipped setting up a Google account, then you can set one up at any time by launching Gmail or certain other Google app.

    Checking the Version Number of NOOK Software

    1) Press the Home button.
    2) Touch the Apps tray icon, in the lower right corner of the Home screen.
    3) Open the NOOK Settings app.
    4) Touch "My account"
    5) Verify that the first three digits of the software "Version" number is: 1.2.1…
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