NOOK GlowLight Plus: Software Updates

    Software Update for NOOK GlowLight Plus™ - Version 4.5

    Barnes & Noble is providing a free software update for NOOK GlowLight Plus™ devices that provides important new features and enhancements. The software update will be automatically downloaded to devices that are registered and connected to Wi-Fi®, beginning October 21st, 2015. There's no need for you to take any action to receive the update. However, if you'd prefer to update your device immediately, you can manually check from your NOOK for the update over Wi-Fi®.

    Get Version 4.5 Today

    You can check manually for the software update over Wi-Fi®. Tap the Settings icon on the Quick Nav bar from the Home screen, page to the second Settings screen, then tap on Software. While connected to Wi-Fi®, tap on “Check For System Update”. Your NOOK will check for a new software update and start the download immediately. Your NOOK will proceed to install the update when it goes to sleep.

    Your NOOK must remain turned on while the update is being installed. Once the software is installed, your NOOK will automatically restart. When the software has been successfully updated, a dialog should open to tell you more about the update.

    Congratulations, your NOOK has been updated!

    What's new in Version 4.5?

    Introducing B&N Readouts™, a new discovery experience offering a daily selection of quick reads in popular subjects and genres. It's a fun, fresh way to browse.

    - Featuring book excerpts, sneak peeks at upcoming books, and special content from authors and publishers

    - Customizable to your interests

    - Share to Facebook

    - Add to Wish List

    How do I get Version 4.5?

    The version 4.5 update is available starting October 21st 2015 as an automatic download that will roll out to NOOK GlowLight Plus™ customers connected to Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi should be turned ON and connected to a hotspot); or to get the software update right now, follow the instructions above to check manually.

    The process will take 5-10 minutes for a manual download (depending on your Internet connection). You should NOT turn your NOOK off while the new software is being downloaded. Once the software update is completed, your NOOK will automatically restart. The software update will preserve your personal settings, including your registered account information, content, display settings, and Wi-Fi settings.

    Will I be prompted to start the automatic download over Wi-Fi?

    The software will be downloaded to your device in a rolling update and automatically install when the device is idle. Once the update has been installed, you'll see a dialog with information about the update.

    How do I know when I received the update?

    To verify you have the latest version of the NOOK software, tap Settings from the Quick Nav Bar from the Home screen, page to second Settings screen, tap Software, and check to see that your Software version is 4.5.0.
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