Every NOOK comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Sometimes things break. If your NOOK® isn't fit for duty as a result of a covered breakdown, we'll replace it within the 2-year span of this coverage, at no cost to you.*

Simply add NOOK Protect™ to your order (you'll be prompted to do so at check-out), and read with confidence, knowing you're covered.


Extended coverage

Double your limited warranty with NOOK Protect™.

Accident Coverage

Accidents happen. Protect your NOOK in case of accidental mishaps such as drops, falls, or spills; broken or cracked screens.

No Deductible

No hidden deductible or charges.

Support & Care

Simply call 1.800.843.2665

Extend Your Protection with a Two-Year Plan

Features Limited Warranty
(1 Year)
NOOK Protect™
(2 Year)
Customer Support
Warranty Replacement
Accident Damage
  • Drops
  • Spills
  • Other Accidents
Extended Service
NOOK Protect™ can be added up to 30 days within the purchase of your NOOK by calling 1.800.843.2665 OR by visiting your local store within 14 days

Support & Care

Simply call 1.800.843.2665 and our Customer Care will assist you.

Terms & Conditions

*Limitations and exclusions apply. See linked terms and conditions for full plan details.