Samsung Galaxy Tab(R) E NOOK(R): Getting Started

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

Getting Started

When you first turn on your NOOK®, you will be guided through a set-up process that includes connecting to Wi-Fi®, accepting the Samsung End User License Agreement (EULA), and other set-up steps. You will also be offered the opportunity to sign into, or sign up for, accounts from Google®, Samsung®, and NOOK®. These accounts are optional. If you do not set-up Google, Samsung, or NOOK accounts when you first get your NOOK, you can set them up at any time in the future. NOTE: Your NOOK must be connected to a Wi-Fi network before you can register your device. The Google account gives you access to the Google Play® Store and all other Google applications. Signing up with Google also allows your NOOK to receive and apply NOOK software updates automatically. The Google account is the same as your existing Gmail® account. The Samsung account allows you access to Samsung-specific applications. Your NOOK account gives you access your NOOK Library® and NOOK content such as NOOK Books®, newspapers, magazines, movies, and TV shows. You must register your device with a NOOK account or a account, or create a new one. Once registration of your selected accounts is complete, you will be finished and arrive at the NOOK Home screen where you will be ready to access and enjoy all of NOOK's premium services.