Getting Started

NOOK Tablet


You're about to enjoy an incredible reading experience.
We'll help you set up your NOOK Tablet™ in a few simple steps.

Create a Account

  • You will need a account to register your new NOOK Tablet. If you do not already have a account, please create one.
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  • If you have an existing account, please be sure you have a default credit card and billing information saved in your account. Sign-in to your account to manage your Credit Card.
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Follow the Setup Instructions Below

  • Charge your new NOOK Tablet for 3-hours from a wall outlet using the Power Adapter and USB Cable packed at the bottom of your NOOK Tablet box.
  • Turn on your NOOK Tablet by pressing the power button on the top left side.
  • Watch the short Welcome video right on your NOOK Tablet's VividView™ color display.
  • Read and accept the Terms of Service for your NOOK Tablet.
  • Select your Time Zone. If you are outside of North America, please select one of the time zones offered on this page and you can change it to your local time zone in the Settings area of NOOK Tablet.
  • Connect to Wi-Fi®. Connect automatically and for free at any Barnes & Noble bookstore, use your home Wi-Fi or other Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Register your device by entering your account email and password.

That's it. Have fun exploring your new NOOK Tablet.